Thursday, January 20, 2011

2010 recap

SOOOOO... i didn't make blogging a priority in 2010. We'll try again in 2011:)
Here is a look at our year in pictures
April 2010
Frank's Birthday Month

May 2010
First Mother's Day

June 2010
Our Anniversary month (8 years)
First Fathers Day
and also the first Vaughn Family Vacation- whew that was a busy month but SO SO SO FUN!

Haven's first plane trip.

We spent our anniversary with Kingsland Baptist Church in Houston, TX while Frank preached to their Jr.High Kids for summer camp.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Frank made it home yesterday from a week long trip to New Orleans and man was Haven happy to see her daddy, as was I :).

They (Frank, the youth group from FBC LaGrange, and some incredible chaperones) left last Monday and returned on Friday.
We went a few weeks ago with the college group and it was great fun, I just didn't think I could make the trip with Haven again. While there we worked at Bethel Mission and Just the Right Attitude food bank. We met some really cool people, Nick and Felicity. They were both homeless and we got to know them and a little about their stories and SHARE THE WORD! It was a great experience.

While Frank was gone Haven and I spent the week doing NOTHING! Havens great friend Amelia stayed the week with us and Haven thought the week was just a big slumber party JUST FOR HER! Monday we had dinner with the Kilgore's, Tuesday we watched Biggest Loser- thank the Lord the red girl went home AGAIN-, Wednesday we grilled turkey burgers and had Mel, Brent, Matt and Milly (Amelia) over, Thursday we had dinner with some friends at Longhorn and Friday- FRANK CAME HOME YAY! We didn't even put on makeup until Thursday. It was a great week but we are both glad he is home.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

So i have started a NEW BLOG! I know, I know! I already have one! Well not really, or not anymore I guess I should say. I deleted it! Wordpress was just too difficult to figure out and Frank had set it up for me. Needless to say, I have spent the last few hours trying to figure it out. NO LUCK. So, we'll give blogspot a go and see how it works out.
I will, however, try to move all of our old post over so we do not loose those memories.

anyway, heres to blogging! wish me luck...